Concerning Jamie Lidell, Inspiration, & Soul-stirring

First off, familiarize yourself with Jamie Lidell. Imagine 60’s soul (think Otis Redding-ish goodness) meets dance beats meets live looping meets FUUUUUNKY. That description should at least somewhat prepare you for how bizarrely wonderful he is.

But it’s more than that, too. It’s not just that he’s one of a handful of artists that I never tire of listening to. It’s not just that I like love his music. I mean, I do… I consumed Multiply for a month straight when I was freelancing from my house and I rocked that album all day, everyday. But when I listen to that music, and see the creativity and innovation of his videos and live shows, it stirs up something inside of me that makes me smile and makes me want to MAKE and create and RESPOND and [insert epic verb here that I’m having difficulty articulating.]

I know very well that this is the artist in me talking. I am learning more and more how to understand those impulses and direct them somewhere productive, namely into making art, but more than anything, into DOING SOMETHING. I am tired of people who don’t DO ANYTHING. That laziness and self-absorbtion is a deadly thing. It doesn’t benefit anyone… heck, it’s not even SELF-serving (unless your idea of being served is dying slowly from boredom.)

All that to say, go make something. Go do something. Go buy albums from artists who make music that forces you to ROCK OUT COMPLETELY. Go think through something that makes you type it in caps, JUST so everyone knows “oh my dang, he feels that, yo.”

And buy Jamie’s album. It’ll mess you up.