Wanted Dead or Alive (but mostly dead)

When I was singer/songwritering pretty frequently, I made occasional use of covers because they’re fun to play and often, given the right choices, they can win over the hostile (or apathetic to your existence on stage) crowd. Most of the time, I’d just pick some song from the nostalgic time period of about ’84-’94.

I accidently figured out the opening guitar figure from Bon Jovi’s classic Wanted Dead or Alive a few weeks back (and for a moment thought I had written something beautiful and brilliant, until I put all the pieces together) but haven’t for the life of me been able to remember all the lyrics.

That didn’t stop me from trying to video it today, however. But maybe it should have. Other reasons I possibly should have refrained from capturing this moment in archival footage include the fact that my guitar was absurdly out of tune, the fact that my window air conditioner is on and blesses us with an all-encompassing wave of lo-fi hiss and rumble, the fact that I left my ceiling fan on creating an annoying reverb, the fact that I am still shooting video with a Canon Powershot digital camera, or the fact that I’d only been awake for about 30 minutes.

But I am not easily deterred by something so inconsequential as facts.