I spent most of today with a fever/migraine. I’m not sure which was the catalyst for the other, but I am 100% sure that they both SUCKED. I hope you could survive without links for a day. The last time I took time off, I got some pretty desperate emails (“What am I supposed to do at work with nothing to distract me from working?!?” Oh, silly cubicle workers.)

Speaking of work, I called in sick to it today, and at some point in between semi-coherent, fevered moments on the couch, I realized that I’ve never called in sick to work before. Ever. At any job. My whole life. For the most part, I rarely ever get sick, much to the annoyance of a few of my friends, one of whom once loudly lamented “IT’S NOT FAIR! We eat right and excercise and get plenty of sleep and you stay up until 4:00am drinking Coca-Cola and sitting in front of a computer… and you NEVER get sick. It’s just not fair.”

Fair is where we go and ride rides, honey. Here in the real world, some of us are just blessed with inexplicable good health (and will most likely die suddenly one day, in an as-equally-inexplicable sort of way.)