Slight Moves

In case you didn’t notice on your way in, this blog moved ever-so-slightly to it’s new home at today. 

The main page will become something more useful quite soon; a landing page of sorts where you can access subpages of content and work and other things that are still twinkling in my creative eyes. I hope it will be better for everyone involved, especially for my mother, who asks me with some regularity, “Now, where are those videos again? And where is your portfolio? And what about…” You get the picture. (In most cases, just tag a /whatever on the end of the .com and you should be golden. Mostly.)

So, please update your bookmarks and RSS feeds, and if you’re one of those lovely people who have seen fit to link my blog somewhere on your site, I’d appreciate it if you’d update your links so as not to confuse anyone. (Least of all me.)

Consider this slight move the butterfly flapping its wings in Asia, and thereby setting off a chain-reaction of events culminating in a tsunami of creative endeavors and content flooding your computer in a (hopefully) welcomed way (hopefully) soon. Or something. Thanks for caring enough about what I’m doing to stop by. I do appreciate it.