Next-Men X-Men?

Don’t visit this link if you don’t want X-Men 3 spoilers. I warned you.

Empire picks the characters and casting for a hypothetical 4th X-Men installment. Granted, it’s all subjective, but seriously… how terrible are these casting choices?

  • Mr. Eko, while cool, is certainly no Bishop.
  • Schwarzenegger as Apocalypse? (Remember Mr. Freeze? I rest my case.)
  • Ashlee Simpson. I am speechless. I am without speech.
  • Paul Walker as Longshot? Too dumb, too stupidous.
  • Freaking Sawyer as Gambit? No, no, no.
  • (Although, Josh Lucas as Quicksilver and Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool are nice casting… of course I’m probably swayed by my dual heterosexual man crushes on both of them.)