Chris Thile Grows a Woman From The Ground

One of my main musical inspirations, Nickel Creek’s mandolin (among other instruments) freak of nature Chris Thile, is releasing a new album entitled How to Grow a Woman From the Ground and he’s “spoiling you in sequence, two [new songs] at a time, until you can’t take it anymore or September 12, the first of many days during which you can go out and buy all fourteen songs on one easy to use compact disc.” 

HTGAWFTG (what?) looks to be much more bluegrass than his last release Deceiver (my favorite album of ’04), and features some of the up-and-coming new bluegrass players of note (OMG, bluegrass prodigies are like, SO HOT right now.)

They’re playing a few live dates in support of the album release, most notably (for me at least) in Nashville on August 30 at The Belcourt Theater.

(Sidenote: I didn’t really intend for today to be “post a lot of music day,” it just happened.)