A Little Help Here?

I used to use the Mac version of Corel Draw 11 for vector illustration and when I had my last little harddrive failure, I lost the actual app. Granted, this was a very good thing because it forced me to finally dive into Adobe Illustrator and tackle its initially imposing learning curve. (Illustrator is now by far my favorite app and I use it twice as much as Photoshop on a daily basis.)

The problem is, I have two years worth of Corel Draw files on my harddrive and I can’t open them because Illustrator doesn’t play nice with the .cdr format. I thought I could just hit up the Corel site and download a trial version of 11 to open and convert all those files, but they’ve already upgraded and no longer offer Mac support.

So… anybody got a Mac version of Corel Draw that they can let me use for a day to convert some files? I promise I’ll (happily) delete it after I’m done.