Bicycle Messengers, Fixed Gears, & Getting Rid of the Desk Job Gut

I’ve been doing some research lately on fixed-gear bikes in possible (though highly unlikely) preparation for potentially buying one and torturing myself. That’s led to all manner of semi-related links, mostly centered around the sub-culture of urban bike messengers. I’m quite shocked no one’s made a reality show about bike messengers yet (or maybe they have, and I’m just out of the loop because I don’t watch much TV.)

Emptying out the fun-with-bike-messengers bookmarks folder, here’s an interesting take from the point of view of a programmer-turned-messenger, here’s video of racing through NYC (that I’m pretty sure I’ve linked before, but it’s still fun), you can check out the Flickr photos and sets related to bike messengers, or you can pick up some of the best bike messenger (and other varieties of) bags from Chrome Bags.

Happy browsing.