I Haven’t Forgotten About You

There is a beauty to pro-bono work, especially for friends, which is that they don’t have to pay for it (natch.) There is also a downside. SINCE they don’t pay for it, such work often gets pushed to eighty-five different sub-levels of back-burners, especially when paying gigs present themselves.

Of course, this all plays into semi-related topics like integrity (that whole “do what you say you’re going to do, dammit” thing just SLAYS ME EVERYTIME) and building a personal/professional brand. Even if it’s close friends (or perhaps more accurately, specifically BECAUSE it’s close friends) there’s an element of personal butt-kicking that one must do to stay on top of things.

All that to say, if I owe you something I’ve promised, trust me, it’s coming. Hang in tight. I appreciate your patience. I promise it will be worth the wait. I’m slowly (but SURELY!) working my way down the list. 

This afternoon, I checked-off finishing up a promised WordPress-tweaking design for my friend Micki Krimmel. In her own words, Micki writes about “online community, activism and social change, politics, film, art and media, open source everything, all night dance parties and boys.” She’s great (and single, fellas.) Besides, she owns the URL mickipedia.com and by my count, that’s worth about 7,294 cool points. Go say hello.