Digg Digging Diggs Digg

The Internet came to a screeching halt last night when the megaportal Digg.com digged itself to digg. Someone posted a story about Digg to his digg account, then every single Digg member decided to Digg it at the same time.

The story about Digg was based on Digg digging Digg, and every user on Digg thought it was cool enough to digg – so they digged it, simultaneously, which caused the entire Web to suffer a blue screen of Digg. Digg engineers scrambled to right the wrong – which clearly defied Newton’s fourth law of motion, stating that no digg can digg itself when acted upon by an inside digger. The initial digg was digged by Dibbity ding-dong da ding-dang doobie doobie. Diggy!

Meanwhile, Netscape celebrated its 14th user registration.

via bLaugh.com