Updates, Streamlining, Etc.

The tagline I’ve been toying around with of late has been “Doing lots of stuff, mostly all at once.” One of the benefits of being interested in so many different artistic disciplines and general thing-making is that it’s becoming increasingly diffcult for me to get bored because there’s always something else I could be doing. It has a downside, too, in that I quickly get surrounded with 15 or so projects in some state of unfinishedness.

This isn’t a huge deal when it’s a painting or a song or something else that typically never sees widespread release until it’s completed. However, in web world, it drives me crazy when things don’t match and feel like they’re a part of the whole. I’ve lost count of how many subpages joshuablankenship.com has grown to, but I know I’ve let my garden grow a bit wild lately. So…

Site-wise navigation and similar two and three column layouts are (or will-be-soon) gracing most of the subpages. It’ll take me a little while to get the blog integrated correctly and I have other plans for Notes to Self, but overall, I’m trying to bring this little corner of the internet into some cohesive form. The programming is sloppy right now, but I’ll get to that eventually.

Bear with me. Thanks for stopping by.

P.S. Stay tuned on Wednesday for some big announcements.