The Great Dallas Job Hunt™

I’m still in the midst of The Great Dallas Job Huntâ„¢, alternating between occasional freelance projects, emailing, phone calling, interviewing for various jobs, driving all over Dallas, and perfecting the nonchalant no-look coin toss in the general vicinity of the toll plaza.

I’ve met some wonderful, friendly people so far, and gotten a warm welcome to the Big D. (Both figuratively and literally… It’s been triple digit temps everyday since I’ve been here and I’ve never praised the creators of the modern vehicle air conditioner so much as I have recently.)

I’d love to have a job by this point, and have been forced to be quite vigilant in staying encouraged and positive during the lack thereof. However, the prospects are good, the people around me have been so supportive and helpful, and all the interviews I’ve had thus far have been as excellent as interviews can be (wherein you don’t actually get the job or the position isn’t quite the right fit for all parties involved.)

The Dallas Society of Visual Communications has been a great resource for jobs and contacts (though constructively critically – the widespread lack of hyperlinks on the site is somewhat mind-boggling. I’ve cut-and-pasted more URLs and email addresses in the past two weeks than I care to quantify.) Semi-related sidenote: the Resources page lists David Carter Design Associates with this handy URL: Quizzical.

Nonetheless, The Great Dallas Job Huntâ„¢ continues. Onward and upward!