I Danced at an Indian Wedding with a Man Named Pavel

Yesterday, I had the unique cultural experience of attending the Bengali wedding reception of friends (of friends.) They have the actual marriage ceremony the day before in the mosque with family and friends, then the reception on the following day.

Imagine, if you will, five white girls in traditional Bengali saris (the wrap-like, layered women’s clothing) and one white guy in a black suit (that’s me) dancing it up to Indian techno at a place called Fun AsiA, an Asian culture entertainment complex in a renovated theater with three screens showing Bollywood movies, a high class Indian restaurant, three themed banquet halls, and an Indian buffet and catering service.

In short, it was awkward, awesome, highly enjoyable, awkward, and humbling to be so welcomed and well-taken care of despite our differences. All we were missing was Tunak Tunak Tun.

Oh, and there are certain things that are present at weddings no matter what culture and traditions are being adhered to including: wallflower girls and dance-reluctant boys crowding in opposite corners of the room like they’re preparing to gang fight Westside Story-style, sweating from getting your dance on, and me spilling a beverage on the floor.