The Great Dallas Job Hunt™ Part 2

(In case you missed Part 1.)

Today it is only 97°, one of the first days since my move to Texas when the triple digits haven’t suffocated me with their muy caliente grip. Sven The Jeep is currently too tired to start, but I’m sure it’s something minor – so in general, all is well.

I’m currently doing some in-house contract work for the lovely folks at LevelTen Design and I have some other things/people/places to ponder, peruse, and get to know over the next few months. Playing in-house-contract-work-musical-chairs isn’t what I expected in terms of finding the right fit here in Dallas, but I think it might prove to be a great way to get to know companies and teams on a more than surface level before I sign the foreseeable future of my life away to them. I’ll of course keep you updated as The Great Dallas Job Huntâ„¢ marches on.

P.S. LevelTen, for all their wonderfulness, is a Windows environment and their Windows network does not blend well with my Mac spices so if you’ve sent me an email in the past few days and I haven’t responded yet, it’s due to a lack of outgoing mail superpowers. We’re trying to fix said issue. I will electronically touch you soon.