Battlestar Galactica Love, Webisodes, and Icons

I thought that LOST (October 4!) was the only thing on TV worth watching, and then my boys at Tubatomic got me hooked on the Sci-Fi channel’s new Battlestar Galactica. I mean hooked like heroin. I mean hooked like waiting for season 3 has me all jittery. Yes, it’s that good and I am unashamed in my nerdery.

Your task(s): 

1. Hit up your local video venue of choice or online retailer for the season 1 & 2 DVDs. After a few episodes, you’ll be committed to consuming it all as quickly as possible. You will binge. I promise.

2. Visit Sci-Fi’s Battlestar page to watch the 10 weekly webisodes (1 and 2 are already out) that will bridge the gap between season 2’s OH MY DANG I KNOW THEY DIDN’T cliffhanger finale and season 3’s debut.

3. Tune in on October 6 for the throwdown.

Optional: grab a few classy Battlestar desktop icons from Icon Factory here and here.

(Are the new readers gone yet?)