The Great Dallas Job Hunt™ Part 3

(In case you missed Part 1 or Part 2.)

I moved to Dallas, Tx on July 31, to be welcomed by one of the hottest months ever recorded by man in a long time (shut up, I like the cold and I’m a pansy in hot weather.) I’ve been here for right at six weeks, had something like 15 interviews with various individuals, companies, firms, and studios, explored opportunities, met some gracious, talented folks, eaten a lot of free lunches, collaborated with good people on contract web work, been on the recieving end of amazing amounts of hospitality and goodwill from wonderful people who barely know me, moved into a very tiny, very affordable, very awesome 50’s-style apartment, got broke, got paid, carpooled, got lost, learned more, started drawing/creating and generally falling in love with the artistic process all over again, and I finally feel like I’m starting to catch my breath and “get settled.” 

We got roots and we be layin’ ’em down like naptime. This has been one of the most dense and action-packed month-and-a-halfs of my life. I’m not sure I ever knew that so much could be contained in such a short amount of time, but I am far from complaining. It’s been awesome.

So, The Great Dallas Job Huntâ„¢ is what we’re talking about here. I have a lot of data and things to ponder, but I’ll be making a final decision this weekend. Tune in Monday or Tuesday.

Thanks for playing along.