I Learned How to Talk Nerdy This Week

In the past few days, during my server’s hiatus from the world of functionality, I have learned all about things I never knew existed or affected me. For example, the RAID array that my sites currently sit on is being rebuilt right now. Rumor has it that it’s about 60% 89% done. What does this mean?

October is almost back, people. And so am I. (Or something less dramatic sounding.)

In the meantime, to tide you over, here are a few Blankenship-approved web stops for glistening-new, mostly-daily content:

  • The Sartorialist (Addictive!)
  • Jason Kottke (Blogging’s Keith Richards!)
  • Yewknee (Opinionated! Bearded!)
  • Golden Fiddle (Guilty pleasure!)
  • Mighty Goods (Consume cuteness!)
  • Armstrong Family Circus (Friends!)
  • The Daigle Coblog (More friends!)