Two Roads Diverged on the Web…

Ok, it seems time to make a decision. The latest reports from eleven2 urge us to restore our sites from our own back-ups as it might be 5-7 days until they are done with what they need to do. Now, “5-7 days” is very different from the original “2-3 days” estimate and I’m faced with a quandary and a few options:

1. Move on. Forget about missing content from October. Keep on truckin’. No one reads your archives anyway. Give up. Onward and upward. Chin up, chap.

2. Wait 5-7 days, knowing it may be less or it may be more, and there’s no guarantee that the data will be fully covered.

3. Go back and manually re-post what content you did manage to save via Google’s cache. Wonder why you have to be so OCD about such things. Even contemplate copying and pasting the comments. Rethink option 3.

I’m guessing it’ll be some combination of options 1 and 3, with a bit of “rewrite the five or six longish posts you have saved in draft” and “recode the Javascript fixes to Prom Night Fist Fight and “reupload 150+ Moblog photos” for good measure.

Lesson learned: backup your sites every week. Further action taken: move everything over to Media Temple’s Grid Server as soon as possible to hopefully make sure this doesn’t happen in the same way ever again.

Oh, and something’s fishy with the RSS feed right now (thanks for the emails, people) and I’ll try to get that sorted out sometime soon.