LOST Fall Finale (S3E6)

Out with an (almost) bang. LOST will not return to me for another 16 weeks, which severly lacks merit. However, when it does return, it will do so without the annoying 2-3 week gaps/reruns of the first two seasons. I suppose that’s a good trade off in the grand scheme of things.

So… how about that intensity level? Primetime drama that doesn’t feel forced and inauthentic? Who would have thought? My only complaint is that it’s felt so disjointed for the past few weeks, but I’m beginning to wonder if that’s intentional. The characters aren’t exactly standing on solid emotional ground right now, and the disjointedness puts me in that frame of mind as well.

All that to say, still my favorite show on TV and the only thing worth watching (except for Battlestar Galactica and Dirty Jobs w/ Mike Rowe.)