Chris Thile, Obsessive Creating, Pace, and Me

I am obsessed with music. I am even more obsessed with certain musicians. It doesn’t just stop with music and musicians, though. I am obsessed with making things and being in the loop with people who make things, especially if they are equally (if not more so) obsessive about it.

Chris Thile moves at a musical pace most of us simply can’t comprehend, and one gets the sense that the challenge of what’s out there to discover gnaws at his brain.”article/interview at Mandolin Cafe

That quotes articulates much of what rolls around in my head from a creative standpoint on a daily basis, mostly because I think I CAN comprehend that kind of pace. I work fast and I make a lot of stuff and apparently I am prolific (by all accounts.) This seems completely normal to me, and I often wonder why other people aren’t “like me.” But I’ve learned (mostly through being in close friendships with other artists) that it would be out of place in their process. It’s not “them,” it’s uniquely “me.”I’m slowly (ironically enough) beginning to understand how varied the creative process is from artist to artist (and to a lesser extent, from discipline to discpline.) However, it is nice to know that there are other artists whose process and pace fall in line with my slightly off-kilter process and pace. Kindred souls and such.Enjoy some of the sweet, sweet nectar of the fruit of artistic obsessiveness in mp3 form:

↓ Chris Thile – Ready For Anything↓ Chris Thile – Riddles in the Dark

Now, if I can just become the Joshua Blankenship of [whatever the heck I want to be when I grow up] in the same regard that Chris is the Chris Thile of the mandolin/music, perhaps my talent level might catch up with my passion(s).