Ok, Firefox, I Get It. Resistance is Futile.

In case you hadn’t noticed, I browse the internet. A lot. And that means I use a web browser. A lot. And after three+ years of being a devoted Safari user, I have finally had enough.

Why, Safari? Why will Apple not put forth any effort to make you better? Why do you grind to a halt when I try to open multiple tabs at once? Why are you so slow? Why do I get the spinning beach ball of death every time I try to open a new tab behind the tab I’m viewing? Why are you forcing me to stop using you?

And with that rant, Firefox fanboys (and girls), if you please, contribute to my sanity by directing me to a Firefox skin that makes it look like Safari, then hit me up with all the add-ons and extensions that may (or may not) make my life on the web a better experience. The comment section is yours.

P.S. Firefox’s form fields and default web trinkets are ugly and it pains me to have to see them.