PureVolume Monday

Happy back-from-the-holidays Monday, people of the internets. If you are in the need of new tunes, head over to PureVolume to snag the not-so-emo We Were Here First mix, featuring lots of folks like The Lonely Hearts.You might also enjoy the rock-out sounds of Jonezetta. Get Ready (Hot Machete) is the jam and they’re having a remix contest for the song at hotmachete.com that I will be entering. You should too. You might also enjoy Evaline. You might also enjoy Need to Breathe (SC shoutout!) You might also enjoy Manouk. You might also enjoy Jamie Randolph.While you’re PureVoluming it, you might (or might not) also enjoy Joshua Blankenship, who has two demos that were recorded with the fabulous Lee McDerment producing/recording/mixing just prior to giving thanks with family and friends. One more to come, once it’s all polished. They are certainly demos (with all manner of squeaks and missed notes and such) but I wanted to at least get something done, and so I’m quite pleased in that regard.I’ve abandoned vocal music for the time being. Rock.