26 URLs from A-Z

I thought this might be an interesting way to expose everyone to some new sites. Open a new tab or window in your browser. Type the letter “A” and see what the first site that comes up is (Safari auto-completes URLs as you type… I don’t know what manner of specifics your browser of choice uses, but you get the idea.) Do this from A-Z and post the results in the comments if so inclined. (It’s Friday, it’s not like you have anything else to do.)

Some of the titles of sites might begin with another letter, but keep in mind you’re looking at the first letter of the actual domain name (minus the “www” of course.) Oh, and don’t edit your list to try to be cool or cover up sites YOU KNOW YOU VISIT but are ashamed to admit. Be honest. Have fun. If this works and you participate, there’s a good chance the comments section will be filled with a few internet gems that you never knew existed.

Aaaaaand we’re off:

  • A: Amazon
  • B: Bargainist
  • C: Cameron Daigle
  • D: Daring Fireball
  • E: ESPN
  • F: Pictures I Like For a Variety of Reasons
  • G: Golden Fiddle
  • H: Hydro74
  • I: Internet Movie Database
  • J: joshuablankenship.com (natch)
  • K: kottke.org
  • L: Mars Hill Church
  • M: Newsmap
  • N: BBC News
  • O: Overstock.com
  • P: PayPal
  • Q: nothing
  • R: random.ytmnd.com (time suck)
  • S: Seth Godin’s Blog
  • T: Fette’s Flog – Aesthetic Los Angeles
  • U: Speak Up > Design Dialogue
  • V: VIRBº (it’s worth the wait for it)
  • W: Weather.com
  • X: nothing
  • Y: Yewknee
  • Z: Zach Klein
  • (Yes, I realize I only have 24 URLs, but apprently Q and X get no love from me. Perhaps someone out there has some good suggestions to fill in the gaps.)