For a Limited Time Only! (Again!)

When fast food restaurants introduce some sandwhich or burger or other cholesterol-coma-inducing item “FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!” does it actually work? Does it drive people in to buy the product (and the other products attached to it?)

It’s obviously gimick-y and manipulative. We don’t REALLY think they’ll do away with the McRib. But does the potential scarcity subconsciously make us want one?

Related sidenote: why is it difficult to find a Nintendo Wii or Playstation 3 right now, but there is never a lack of iPods? Nintendo and Sony are creating false supply and demand (you expect me to believe they can’t produce enough units to meet the demand?) to hype their product while Apple keeps stores stocked with iPods. 

I wonder if that difference will produce better longevity and market dominantion for Apple (i.e. Apple = abundance mentality and Nintendo/Sony = scarcity mentality.)