Post-Christmas Report

Note to Self: when you provide a detailed Christmas list to your friends and family, you often get what you asked for. Yay.

This was my first Christmas away from home (home being that place where your parents and most of your family lives, the house you grew up in, the small South Carolina hometown you hated as an adolescent, but love now, etc.) and I have to admit it’s been a tad strange. That being said, I couldn’t ask for a more flexible family, as they’re waiting until we fly to SC on Thursday to celebrate Christmas and exchange presents and such.

P.S. The highlight of the holiday thus far was giving my 2.5 year old soon-to-be-nephew Bear a 3-pack of PopRocks in his stocking. If you’ve never watched a small child try PopRocks for the first time, I highly suggest you do so with utmost haste.