Presidential Dishware, Honest Abe, Jell-O, and the Subtle Secret Recesses of My Subconscious Mind

Last night I dreamt I had been invited to an outdoor dinner party with a number of dignitaries and well-to-do’s. The theme of said party centered around bringing our personal collections of Presidential dishware. (What’s that? You don’t own any dishware that belonged to a former President? And you call yourself patriotic…) 

I opted to bring Lincoln’s favorite Jell-O mold from my collection.

I’m sure this says something about my deepest, darkest secrets and unrevealed emotions, but all I could think when I woke up was “That’s illogical, they didn’t have Jell-O when Lincoln was President.” I’m sure that thought says even more about my personality.

P.S. Wikipedia tells me that the first powdered gelatin for use in desserts was patented in 1845 by Peter Cooper but it didn’t become known as Jell-O until 1897 when he sold the patent. Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States, serving from 1861 to 1865. So, while there was gelatin/Lincoln overlap, there was no actual Jell-O/Lincoln overlap. This somewhat proves that I am quite lucid in thought when I first wake up.