SXSW 2007, Wedding Planning, and Azúca

Within about 2 minutes of parking in Austin on Saturday, I ran into Keegan Jones while searching for a public restroom in a random hotel lobby, followed a few minutes later by running into Kris Krug on the street, and then some of the UMI gang outside the PureVolume Indoors venue (handing out PV passes to festival go-ers like street corner dealers.) Internet Spring Break is in full swing, and it’s difficult to walk very far in Austin without seeing someone you know (or at least know of.)

Of course, wedding planning takes the front burner for me lately, so my SXSWing is limited to short bursts as we pass through Austin on our way from Dallas to San Antonio and back. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Related sidenote: if you are ever in San Antonio, I highly recommend grabbing a meal at Azúca Nuevo Latino (Caribbean, Central and Latin American food) near downtown on South Alamo. Great staff, amazing food!