30 Polaroids in 30 Days on Flickr

I haven’t had a functional digital camera in close to six months, but in that time, I’ve been spending my time (and money) shooting Polaroids with more frequency. My main camera is an early 80’s SX-70, and I’ve been using regular Polaroid 600 film, which is 4x slower than the intended SX-70 film (which was discontinued, then re-continued by another company and is available for about $20 a pack now.) 

The effect of using 600 film with a SX-70 camera plays out as follows, dependant on the light: blurry as hell, really green, really yellow, completely underexposed, completely overexposed, absolutely perfectly underexposed, and/or magical.

That being said, I’m only wasting one or two shots a pack lately as I get more familiar with the camera and knowing what light to shoot in for what effect. And with that, I have a large-ish stack of Polaroids I’m quite pleased with that need to be scanned and uploaded to Flickr. Granted, if my photo views on Flickr are any gauge, no one actually CARES about Polaroids or even really likes them (unless they have naked people in them) but that won’t deter me.

30 Polaroids in 30 Days, starting later today on Friday right here.