Five Reasons I Quit My Job This Week

1. Approximately 90% of the work I’ve done here has either never seen the light of day or has passed through so many hands after it leaves my desk that I’d never claim it if I saw it on the street. This is apparently standard practice.

2. I find it difficult to believe in the advertising industry. By this I don’t mean its literal existence; advertising certainly exists, much to our dismay. More so I mean that I don’t buy the methodology or often unmeasured results. That makes it hard to take what I do everyday seriously. It also makes it hard to keep myself from pointing and laughing in meetings.

3. Meetings. Seemingly endless meetings.

4. As a general rule, I think small teams are better than big bureaucracy. They’re more agile and flexible, they create less friction, get more done more quickly, and in the end, produce more focused, cohesive, functional, and excellent products.

5. My new email address ends with and my new address address will end with Boston, MA.