Five Things I Notice About Safari 3.0

(Yeah, so it’s a Monday Five List. These things occasionally happen.)

1. Um, you can get Safari on a PC now.
2. Inline Find is super-useful. I command+F to find things all the time, and now it’s actually functional.
3. Styled buttons and dropdowns. Weird.
4. Tabs (drag-able, combine-able, undo-able) and bookmarks (batch, finally) all work about a billion times better now, and without any third-party plugins.
5. In the past, if you had a bookmark folder that was set to auto-click (e.g. your Daily Reads folder) and open all those urls in one fell click and you wanted to open just one of those, you could command+click or option+click the folder, its contents would drop down, and you could select one of the urls without opening the whole folder. But it always opened in a new tab, which felt odd. Now it opens in the foremost open tab, which feels just right. It’s the little things.