I’ve Been Counterfeited in China

Blog reader Matt Kirkland lives in Hong Kong. (Check him out on Flickr). He sent me an email today.

“I saw a funny thing on the subway this weekend: a guy wearing a t-shirt that looked exactly like this. It looked really familiar, but I couldn’t place it. It kept nagging at me this week, until this morning I figured it out: it’s a [Prom Night Fist Fight] illustration. So now the questions are: 

1. Have you sold t-shirts of this?
2. Or do you just have t-shirt-making fans in China?
3. Or is your PNFF an homage to something else?”

Well, Matt, first off, thanks for the catch. Secondly, in order of query:

1. No, sir.
2. Apparently?
3. Again, negative.

I wonder if they’re selling well? I want my cut!