Boston, Here We Come

The last time I traversed the roads East of Texas, I was moving to Dallas to be near my girlfriend, and now I will be leaving Dallas with my wife – that worked out pretty well. Very poetic and such.

The big day approaches swiftly. On Saturday the Blankenships are moving to Boston. Our planned route heads East, takes a slight detour through South Carolina to see family and friends, and then up the East Coast (how I miss you so) to New England. We’re planning on arriving in Boston on the 3rd or 4th, just in time for the Independence Day festivities, the Boston Pops, and copious amounts of patriotism, fireworks, grilled meat, and flowing beverages.

We have a furnished July/August sublet (thanks, Irina!), so we’re traveling fairly light – one vehicle and no trailer – and keeping the rest of our stuff in storage in Dallas until September, when our “real” lease starts.

Wish us well.