Dear Tumblr,

As I’ve mentioned before, you’re a practically perfect blog-maker. And after a few hours of really digging in, changing styles and such, I’m even more convinced of your almost-perfection. So convinced that I’d ditch WordPress in a second (including all the hours I’ve put into hacking a future iteration of this blog so it will do… well… exactly what you already do so easily) if it weren’t for one thing. Well, actually, thousands of things – my faithful readers and the 11,716 (and counting) comments they’ve written in response to almost 4,000 posts here over the past 3 years.

While your makers assure us that some form of two-way, reader-to-author communication is in the works, it’s no where to be seen and I’m not a patient man. In short, the people that read this site and comment are 75% the reason I even write online. This is a community. A community I like. I’ve worked hard to be a part of building it and I’m not willing to give that up just to have an internet monologue. That’s the last thing anybody needs.

So, please. Comments. Soon.

My love is a tumbling thing,