Upcoming Movies That I Want to See

In no particular order:

Dedication – a sort of modern, messy love story and the directorial debut from Justin Theroux.

Rocket Science – awkward, endearing.

Gone Baby Gone – ignoring the fact that Ben Affleck directed it and I would pay good money to punch him in the face for ruining Daredevil and generally being a bad actor, Casey Affleck, Morgan Freeman, and Ed Harris in a Boston-based crime thriller from the author of Mystic River? Yes, please.

30 Days of Night – good, clean Arctic vampire fun.

I Am Legend – more Vampire fun, minus the Arctic, plus an almost-deserted Manhattan. 

This Is England – heavy.

11.8.08/Cloverfield/J.J. Abrams New Thing – the anticipation is LOST-like.

Lars and the Real Girl – Ryan Gosling can do no wrong and Paul Schneider is my favorite new movie sidekick.

10,000 B.C. – sabertooth tigers, ancient civilizations, desert armies. What’s not to like?

Vantage Point – stellar ensemble cast drama.

Be Kind, Rewind – Jack Black gets magnetized and erases all the videos in Mos Def’s video store. The duo proceeds to remake all the movies themselves. Michel Gondry directs.

The Darjeeling Limited – of course.