Filling My Brain and My Day With Inspiration, Not Time-Wasters

In an attempt to be more productive and less distracted, I’ve removed site aggregator popurls from my daily bookmark visiting. In theory, it’s great. In practice, it’s a ridiculous time suck and doesn’t accomplish anything.

Aggregators like popurls just put a bunch of user-generated “news” sites together so I can waste time browsing top 10 lists and silly surface articles that do me no good either as artistic inspiration or time-management. Digg (and its kin) allow the community to decide what’s important, but those people aren’t me and those sites are becoming increasingly irrelevant to me, so why bother visiting? 

There are too many things I need and want to be doing. I’d rather fill my browsing time with things that benefit me as an artist and inspire me. (That being said, I’ve welcomed illustrator Kevin Cornell’s Bearskinrug and fashion-watcher Notcouture to the dailies.)