Catch-All Answers for Various Questions People Have About Cottyn

We use AmericanApparel shirts (mostly 50/50 poly-cotton blend) because they’re so soft and comfy on your body. They’re better than almost anything else I’ve researched, and they make more people happy than not. I’m sorry we can’t please everyone and every body type, but that’s just the way it’s got to go down.

No, we’re not doing the user-submitted t-shirt store business model. I have no desire to manage that and if you really have a deep longing to submit your awesome tee designs somewhere, I can think of one or two places for you to do that.

No, the back-end of the site wasn’t built with Symphony or Ruby on Rails. The site’s built with PHP, just like the rest of our sites. And no, I didn’t build the back-end. I’m not programming-tastic like that. Props to the Virb Inc. developers for that.

And, yes, there will be more shirts soon. Snag the Cottyn RSS Feed to find out about new shirts.