Designer/Illustrator Exits Virb Inc. Over Creative Differences

BOSTON, MA—After less than three months as a designer/illustrator for the Boston-area web company Virb Inc., Joshua Blankenship announced Wednesday that he is being asked to leave the group over creative differences. “Well, that was a surprise. We apparently just work and think about work and doing business in completely different ways and that can’t be reconciled,” Blankenship said. “It’s the situational things that lack the most merit, having just moved cross-country for this opportunity, just launched a site, etc.” Blankenship said he plans to embark on a brief solo career, while actively pursuing other positions in the greater Boston area. “I just moved my new family here, and we like it here, so I refuse to be cynical or deterred by one bump in the road. Onward and upward.”

There’s no easy way to say it, but the band metaphor seemed to make the most sense. I assure you, it was as much a shock to me (if not a tad more so) than it may be to you. Moving on, I’ve updated my Resume (you can also download a PDF) and Portfolio, and you can find me on LinkedIn, too. I have a few weeks to make a decision and I’m (very) actively looking at job boards and such. Any leads or connections would be appreciated.

Thanks for listening.