Five Pleasant Surprises This Week

1. The outpouring of gushy awesome encouragement, job offers, freelance requests, and contract work from friends, family, dotcomrades, and total strangers.The friends and family sort of have to – it’s in their contract, but everyone else, you’re just going above and beyond.
2. Davis Square in Somerville, MA
3. Hearing the theme from 70’s TV show S.W.A.T. on the radio while simultaneously watching four teenage Hassidic Jewish kids in full garb cross the street, hats in various stages of askewness, Kosher bagged lunched in hand.
4. Arranging your home book library by book spine color is visually amazing.
5. Getting this via IM: “just thought I’d let you know, some of your work from PNFF was used as an example for experimental typography gone right in my 200 level typography class.”