Friends, Whiskerino 2007 is Nigh

As of the writing of this post, Whiskerino 2007 is happening in 9 days and counting. This means that to the joy of the internet, hundreds of otherwise fairly normal, internet-using menfolk will be growing and showing beards from November 1–February 28. It also means that to the good-natured horror of my wife, I will be among them.

2005 was a good time for me, coinciding with my move to Chattanooga, expanding my online empire, getting comfortable calling myself a photographer, and the ensuing hermit-like behavior said move brought out in me. (Being hermit-like is very conducive for extended beard growing, by the way.)

I’m sure this year will be a good time had by all, though I can’t imagine what the participation levels/numbers will be like, as I was shocked by how many bearded hombres were still bearded hombres at the end of the 2005 run.

If you’re of beard-growing gender, age, and ability, consider joining in the follicle-d fun. In the meantime, updates and Whiskerinews can most likely be procured from our lovely and talented curator Mr. Michael Eades at Yewknee. Let’s grow some beards.