Hulu Video Site from NBC/NewsCorp

NBC and News Corp’s online video venture Hulu is beta testing. If the comments on their blog are any sign of things to come, it’s going to be a bumpy road. The embed quality is good:

But shouldn’t that be the price-of-admission for video delivery online now? Why is there no fullscreen? No way to get it out of my browser and onto a TV or an iPod (other than that whole NBC hating Apple thing)? NBC, aren’t you completely ignoring how thousands of users are actually viewing full shows now? Challenging iTunes with a branded, embeded online player for an age that’s using the internet more, but home computers less? Brilliant. I love it when companies make decisions for me about how I should use and view content.

Perhaps even more troubling, non-U.S. residents can forget about accessing any of the content (thanks to IP blocking), so they’ll keep bittorrenting shows, which doesn’t exactly combat the piracy that NBC seems obsessed with. One commenter writes “Piracy works outside of the US, Hulu does not. I guess I’ll have to stick with piracy.” Sad, but true.