Whiskerino Day 8 Update

Whiskerino 2007 is in full swing, with well over 300(!) beard-growing, fun-having, picture-taking participants. It’s difficult to even keep up this time around, but as always, it’s so addictive I can’t stay away for long. Should you find the need to, you can keep up with all my Whiskerino photos here. Or just stick with my occasional posting of the ones I really like to Flickr

I hope that I grew by leaps and bounds as a photographer during Whiskerino 2005, and I look forward to the continual challenge of trying to take creative, well-composed, well-lit images every weekday of this year’s contest. It’s a super way to stay creatively sharp.

Massive kudos and big ups go out to Michael Eades, Daniel Box, Jamie Holland, and Travis Beckham for putting together a wonderful site for community and bonding. They go above and beyond, and I’m sure this gets more insane to try to pull off every time we do it. The good spirits of the Curator and crew go a long way towards setting the tone for the duration of the event, and we couldn’t have nicer hosts.