My Mom Talks About the South Carolina Educational System

My mom wrote an op-ed piece about the South Carolina school system, how they use/view money, and how SC students (less than 50% of which graduate high school) respond to educational opportunities. 

Quote, “South Carolina schoolchildren, on the whole, do not value nor see a need for the educational opportunities that are presented to them. They do not appreciate how education is the critical foundation necessary for their future job skills. They do not understand that being where you are supposed to be, on time and ready to work will be necessary. They do not understand that completing a task on time to the best of your ability and according to instructions is crucial in the workplace. They do not understand that respecting their elders and those in charge of them is not only common courtesy but how you keep a job and the respect of your coworkers. They do not see the benefit of practicing these skills now, while they have the support of educators willing to work with them toward success.”