Vimeo, Simplicity, and Information Design

I haven’t had a device that records video in almost a year, but I still keep up with Vimeo because 1. it’s the best solution for hosting/displaying/finding user-created video online, 2. I’ll procure a video camera eventually, and 3. they’re in a seemingly constant state of experimenting and tweaking (as all good websites should be.) 

I logged in for the first time in awhile and was greeted with the following message: 

Welcome home, Joshua Blankenship. You still have 500MB free for uploading this week. Your contacts uploaded 13 minutes and 34 seconds of video this week. Joshua Brewer added you as a contact. The staff posted Finally, A Reason To Use Facebook to the blog.

That’s a succinct, clear, and dead-simple overview. I wish other website dashboards were that simple. Then I might not ignore them.