NewSpring Church Art Director/Designer Job Opening

The short: Are you a Photoshop-wielding, bezier-curve-drawing, typography-knowing, web-culture-loving, detail-sweating, direction-taking Art Director/Designer?

The long: You do jaw-dropping, killer print work. You have more than one good comp in you for any given idea/assignment. You work fast, handling everything from idea to implementation. You work well in the lead owning a project. You work well on a highly-collaborative team. You take creative direction with a smile, and then you make it better because you’re that good. You have an extraordinary mastery of typography, layout, and minimizing clutter. You know when to use Photoshop, when to use Illustrator, and when to use InDesign. You read. A lot.

Bonus point gold star cookies if you know some CSS/XHTML/PHP, can write more than your grocery list, and you throw down a mighty iTunes Library gauntlet.

Let’s see that portfolio URL via email. If you don’t have an online portfolio, this job is most likely not a good fit for you. No phone calls please.

P.S. We’re a church, so that obviously presents the proviso that you have to be a Christian. This is also an on-site job at our Anderson Campus; so no remote workers. We want you to be a part of the culture everyday.