Twitter is the New Blogging (is the New Etc.)

Todd Dominey waves farewell to blogging, favoring Twitter for “what I’m enjoying” kinds of posted content and stating, “writhing pithy thoughts on a personal blog is a luxury I can no longer afford.” Fair enough.

Jeffrey Zeldman talks about content outsourcing and the disappearing personal site, saying “Not every person who designs websites needs to run a personal magazine on top of all their other responsibilities.” He then points out the way more and more folks are using Flickr, Twitter, etc. to post content instead of previous homebrewed solutions on singular domains. Most so-called “web professionals” have online personas spread out over a number of outlets.

I’d wager this will be a more frequent occurrence over time, whether it’s Twitter or some other content outlet. So again, there will be a sort of pruning of the blog world and the only people who keep blogging will be the ones who really want to keep blogging. 

I love that the web keeps changing. I think I still love blogging.