In no particular order, I am thankful for: 

my wife, music, ExpressionEngine, Hulu, my family in SC and TX, my job/church/community, my team, my pocket knife, any steak marinade involving Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey, Lee McDerment, Apple products, Quıcĸsıɩⅴεʀ, the friends I spend almost every Wednesday night with, the California Gilmores (mainly because they made Molly), Jesus, teaching about Jesus, the (just maybe) perfect bag, the (soon-to-be) Longbrakes, the Sartorialist, being able to make things that don’t involve computers, LOST, Yewknee, Western Digital Passport tiny harddrives, Basecamp, Camper shoes, Noah Stokes, Chipotle, Akzidenz Grotesk, chopping wood and building fires, my wedding photos, magazines I subscribe to for both content and layout, not dying that one Thanksgiving, being outside, Twitter, Fringe (only insofar as it reminds me of Boston), Chick-Fil-A, Wikipedia, our cute little mid-century modern duplex, our duplex neighbor who has always been quiet — until today’s appropriately-timed blasting of Christmas music, a 50mm ƒ/1.4 camera lens, Smart Wool socks, The Corner Bagel Shop’s Godfather steak sandwich, M.A. Turner, the various Danish modern chairs we’ve acquired (fairly cheaply), Netflix, Phaidon books, glass bottle Coca-Cola Classic, the intersection of the vast internet and my vast tastes that results in sites like Sea of Shoes and VVORK being daily reads, the internet (in general), iChat/gChat/Skype, the knowledge that I will spend Black Friday on the couch watching movies, what little usable Polaroid film that’s still left in the world, Daytum, BT’s This Binary Universe, grid layout for graphic design, and you.