Fusion Ad Network

Daring Fireball mentioned this recently

“Given how successful The Deck has been, and how much better I believe The Deck’s basic model to be versus “regular” web advertising, I’ve long wondered why there weren’t any other Deck-like ad networks. Now there is one: Fusion Ads. Good ideas deserve to spread; I hope this blossoms.”

As I hinted at a few days ago (thanks everyone for the feedback), I’ve been contemplating blog advertising. Obviously, I made a decision.

I’m happy to join up with Fusion Ads. I’m happy that the network includes sites I was already reading. I’m happy it only displays a single, tasteful ad per page with minimal text (which still took me quite awhile to decide how to incorporate into a blog layout that’s never had a sidebar). I’m happy the advertisers are products I’d probably use anyway. In general, I’m happy.

I’ve never really had much of a plan for blogging. It’s something I enjoy, and so I keep doing it. I’ve met some wonderful people through it. I’ve learned a bunch of stuff. I hope that partnering up with Fusion Ads will give me a little more time to devote to making the conversations here better. And I hope some of my happy keeps making it through the internet to you. Thanks for reading/visiting and just generally loving the internet with me. Onward and upward.