Is Twitter Crossing Over?

It’s one thing when tech geeks are popular on Twitter, that’s to be expected. But let’s face it, most folks don’t know who Kevin Rose or Robert Scoble are. They’ve got 115k+ Twitter followers between the two of them, but are unknown outside tech/web circles. They’re weblebrities.

But now Shaq is on Twitter. John Cleese is on Twitter. Lance Armstrong is on Twitter. Dave Matthews and Imogen Heap are on Twitter. Parkman and Daphne from Heroes (the actors, not the characters they play) are on Twitter. How weird is that?

These are people that average people see on TV, listen to on their iPods, and read about in magazines. These are people that non-web-nerds actually know of. The thought of Twitter becoming a mainstream, ubiquitous platform is hysterical to me, but I wonder if all the speculating the tech community does on such things is actually starting to become reality?