Massive Personal Email Fail

At some point this week it dawned on me that I haven’t gotten much non-work-related email lately. Then I realized I hadn’t gotten any. Apparently we’ve been so busy at the office (which has its fair share of email to slog through anyway) that I didn’t notice something went haywire with my domain forwarding and MX Records after the server switchover in late November.

If you an email to anytime from November 24th until about 20 minutes ago, it probably bounced back to you. Or it didn’t and you just think I’m a huge jerkface who doesn’t answer his email. I apologize for either.

Said emails will most likely eventually trickle into my inbox, but if you have a pressing, lingering question/comment/etc. that was sent to that email address, could you please resend it? Many thanks. You’re patient with me when I’m an idiot.