Various Designer Thank Yous

In no particular order:

Derek Nelson taught me how to use Photoshop layer styles for good, not evil. And how that last 10% of finishing touches can elevate any design into something worth putting your name on.

Mat Turner taught me to how important color and simple texture are for creating depth. And how my first pass at designing something is rarely my best.

Ryan Sims taught me to sweat the user interface details. And how much can be done with two or three close shades of the same color.

Jeremy Cowart (who probably hasn’t considered himself a ‘designer’ in quite some time) taught me to leave the computer for inspiration. And, consequently, how much better my designs can be when I return to the computer.

Aaron Martin taught me that balance is far more important and interesting than symmetry. And how important paying attention to typography kerning is.

None of these guys probably know they taught me. It happened in short conversations, long IM chats, in moments and over years, in relationship, without realizing what was going on. These five gentlemen did more to shape my design sensibilities and aesthetic than anyone else. So, Derek, Mat, Simmy, Jeremy, and Aaron, thank you. I appreciate it/you.

You learn something new everyday if you pay attention.